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Why search the web from scratch? Search what people have already found with!

What is About?

A human-indexed Internet. We believe that communities of knowledgeable, interested people can identify relevant sites with greater accuracy than a search engine that depends on computer programs. This is a whole new way to search the web.

The contents of PreFound are primarily Groups of links that our users have shared with us. So a Group entitled "Horses" can contain links to text, video, audio, podcasts, blogs, photos, and graphics, about "horses". When you do a search, PreFound presents you with Groups of links that other people have found useful! In this way, we provide a search site that allows users to see what has already been found on the web! Pre-Found!

PreFound is YOUR search site. So, like Wikipedia and other sites, you can simply view the content that other people have shared or you can contribute to PreFound. The content of PreFound is shared collaboratively by people from all around the world. Anyone can share or improve on the Groups on PreFound. See how here. Once content is shared, everyone has a chance to rank these Groups to ensure the best ones are near the top and the worst ones are buried.

Finally, PreFound offers search personalization. Our "Include Your Interests" feature enables you to narrow your search to the things that interest YOU and reflect who you are, where you are and what you like. For each search you can adjust your settings to help PreFound give you search results that are a reflection of you.

Company Information

We're, which is owned and operated by iLOR, LLC. We're right here in the heart of Silicon Holler, in Lexington, KY. We've been around since 2000, doing research and development, and getting our patent portfolio in order. All the stuff you see on the site is patented or patent pending. We just love the paperwork and working with lawyers, like everyone else.

And you thought all we did here in Kentucky was work on our T-Top Trans Ams that are up on blocks and try to see if we can produce family trees with no branches. Well… touche'… but we also have some good technology here and we're really hoping that it'll help you find the information you need faster and easier than ever before.

Drop us a line and tell us what you think.
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