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Why search the web from scratch? Search what people have already found with!

What is About? A human-indexed Internet

We believe that communities of knowledgeable, interested people can identify relevant sites with greater accuracy than a search engine that depends on computer programs.

Think of as the ultimate search blog. A place to see and share information you and others have found. When you search the internet you're searching for the information as if no one has ever done a search like yours before. Unless you're searching for something really obscure, you can bet the information you're looking for has been searched for in the past, by a lot of people, and they've already found a load of good stuff about it… but you don't get the benefit of their searching!

Now that doesn't seem to be the best use of your time or the information!

At we are all about saving time and sharing information.

Search and it'll provide you with groups of links that PFfinders have already found and want to share with everyone. Our users (PFfinders) have already weeded through the millions of search results; organized and saved links to the web sites, blogs, podcasts, videos, and mp3s they found to be the best.

So why duplicate their work?

Always come to first to see if people have already found the information you're looking for! If you don't find it here, use the PFfinder toolkit, to rip through your search results faster than ever before. Then upload your finds on, so the next time someone's looking for that information, it'll be here for them.

First off, you should know that you can always come and search PreFound and see what people have already found on the web about your topic. It's always free and you don't even have to sign up or sign in.

Save (Finders and Featured Finders only)
BUT, if you are interested in sharing links that you have found out on the web with us, then please sign up. That way, you can share all the great information you've found on the web with all of us lazy PreFound users that don't want to reinvent the wheel and find all that stuff all over again!

We need Finders! People that can go out on the web and find great links -- text links, graphic links, links to video, podcasts, anything -- and share them with all of us in the community.

Share (Finders and Featured Finders only)
After you sign up, you can share your links in many ways…
…using the
…using the New Bookmarklet

add to
…by posting them directly

…by importing them

Join our community of searchers! Be a Finder!

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