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What's New on PreFound - Buttons and Badges
Get the official PreFound badges and buttons to put on your website or blog. Feel free to customize them to fit your site design. You can even add PreFound to your Google Toolbar, add PreFound to your list of default search engines in your browser, add a PreFound widget to your TypePad page and even add a PreFound search box to your site or blog. Simply Copy and paste the desired code into your site.

Choose any of these styles to provide a quick way for users to add your page to

To get this on your page… Copy and Paste this code
add to

Make it easy for users to add your website or blog to PreFound with our quick Buttons and Badges.

To get this on your page… Copy and Paste this code

The customized search box allows your users to choose to search only the Groups that you have shared with PreFound or they can search all user-shared Groups and the entire web with a single click.

To get this on your page… Copy and Paste this code

Search Mary's Groups Search the web
Customized search box is only available when signed in.

PreFound Tricks for your browser

You can add to the list of Search Engines on your favorite browser.

OpenSearch compatible browsers (like IE 7 and FireFox 2.0) include a Search Box in the browser toolbar. Anytime you are visiting the site, you can add us to that Search Box by simply choosing the "Add …" option in the Search Box drop down menu as illustrated below:
Internet Explorer 7
Add PreFound to IE7
FireFox 2.0
Add PreFound to FireFox 2.0

Opera 9
While viewing the site in your Opera browser, right-click with your mouse in PreFound's "search term" box and select Create search… as shown below…

You will then see a dialog similar to…

You may edit the Name to shorten it. If you enter a keyword (i.e. p) then you can perform a quick search on PreFound by simply typing p search_term into the browser's address box.
NOTE: Be sure that all of the sliders on your "Include My Interests" tool are turned off when you start this procedure.

You can also add to your Google Toolbar!

PreFound on Google Toolbar provides an Add-on to the Google toolbar so you can quickly search on PreFound anytime, from anywhere. Click Here to get it.

PreFound offers a TypePad Widget for SixApart TypePad users.

To get this on your TypePad Blog… Click here

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