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The Bookmarklet is free and makes it easy to save and organize the stuff you find while you're surfing the web. When you see anything out there that you would like to add to, click the Bookmarklet.

Now anytime you are on a page that you want to add to PreFound, just click on the Bookmarklet and you can add it. You will be given a chance to choose the group that you want to add the page to and you can even add pages to other peoples groups to help give us all a better search. The Bookmarklet is easy to setup in your browser and works with virtually any browser. There are quick instructions below for the most popular browsers.

How to add the PreFound bookmarklet to your web browser
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
  1. Right-click this link: add to
  2. Select "Add to Favorites"
  3. Click Yes on any security message that pops up (this is standard for bookmarks containing JavaScript)
  4. In the "Create in:" folder list, find and select the Link folder
  5. Click on the Add button
  1. Right-click this link: add to
  2. Select Bookmark This Link...
  3. In the "Create in:" dropdown list, find and select Bookmarks Toolbar
  4. Click on the OK button
Safari Opera
Safari Opera
  1. Drag this link: add to up to the Bookmarks bar and drop it there

After following these steps, you should see the "add to PreFound" button in your browser toolbar. If you encounter any problems, check out the troubleshooting links below.

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